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E-MTB Nakita

  • Nakita Performance Line CX (photo)

The Nakita Performance Line CX is one of the best mountainbike E-Bikes till now. Because of its motor capacity of BOSCH it is efficient and takes you everywhere you want. It goes with you up to the mountain ca. 40 km, because of the 500 watts/h battery. It has got four levels of support, which you can choose. If you want to walk, you can use the “walk-function”, which gives you support by walking. All in all you can say, that the Nakita Performance Line CX is an innovation of the e-bike world and it attracts attention with its function and its appearance.

Bicycle frame size: 
44 cm / 50 cm
Wheel size: 
29 Zoll

35 (per day)

E-MTB Nakita